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Thomas_Haywood_and_sons_ltd_1929_to_1963_-_Falcon_Works_copyThomas Haywood & Sons Ltd (comprising Falcon Forge, Falcon Works and Falcon Garage) is published by Haywood Publishing   ISBN no 9780956413604   priced 9.50 + p&p.  There is also a DVD available ?The Workings of Falcon Works and Falcon Forge? 8.50 + p&p.  These can be purchased by contacting


Thomas_Eli_Haywood_Born_1872,_Edgbaston,_BirminghamThomas Haywood & Sons Ltd

Thomas Eli Haywood set up his first engineering workshop in about 1887 in Worcester. In 1893, Thomas formed an engineering company called 'Haywood Brothers' with his brothers Jack and Percival.


Thomas Haywood & Sons Ltd was located in Coulsdon, Surrey from 1929 to 1968. It was initially a small engineering company started by Thomas Eli and his three sons, situated on what was a derelict piece of land on the Brighton Road just south of Coulsdon South Station.  The company grew into a major engineering company exporting signalling and engineering equipment across the world and became a large employer in Coulsdon. 

The company evolved into three sections -

Falcon Works - Railway Signal Engineers,

Falcon Forge - Wrought Iron Work and Lighting Design

Falcon Garage - Petrol and Vehicle Repairs.


During the war their new designs for ship semaphores were

taken up by the Admiralty and they worked totally for the

government war effort.


Falcon Forge represented the Blacksmiths of England at

the Festival of Britain in 1951; Richard Dimbleby was shown

round the working stand for a television programme.

After the early death of two of the sons prior to the death of the founder in 1963 the company was sold to Clarke & Smith Industries who eventually closed the Falcon works in 1968. The Falcon Forge was moved to New Eltham and merged with another business that C&S have bought out. Clarke & Smith went out of business in 1997.


The Falcon Garage has now become Harwood's Land Rover


Thomas was a brilliant designer and his talent has carried on down the family line producing many artists and creative descendants. Well known London designer and artist  Heidi Sturgess is Thomas Haywood's great granddaughter.

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